Step aboard the MV Calypso to experience an amazing cruising experience. Boasts two glass viewing ports at its bottom, which provide passengers with a clear and extremely rare view of the marine activity.


  • 45-minute cruise from Hout Bay to Duiker Island & Sentinel Mountain.
  • See thousnads of Cape Fur Seals and possibly other marine life.
  • Beautiful underwater viewing ports. 


  • Hout Bay is best known for its timber and fishing industries. It is home to South Africa’s first Harbourfront Emporium, known as the Mariner’s Wharf.
  • Mountains surround Hout Bay to the north, east and west, while the Southern Atlantic Ocean lays on the south side. There are only three roads that lead to and from the area that all pass through the mountains.
  •  The bay is situated just 20 kilometres south of the Central Business District of Cape Town. ‘Hout Bay’ can refer to the town, the bay on which it is situated, or the entire valley.


Enjoy spectacular views of the Bay’s surrounding mountains on an exciting 45-minute cruise from Hout Bay Harbour to Duiker Island and its native seal colony. Be sure to bring your camera. This charter offers once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. Enjoy breathtaking views of thousands of wild Cape Fur Seals and their pups in their natural habitat.

Circe Launches has been sailing from the Hout Bay harbour since 1972. In the early days, Circe used two World War II Sea Rescue boats to take visitors to seal and bird watching on Duiker Island. The island is home to 6,000 of the seas, the majority of which are young males waiting to reach mating age. With such a huge number of seals, it’s no surprise that the waters surrounding the island house a number of hungry great white sharks.

IMPORTANT: This experience is normally R100 but is included in your SMARTPASS, see the prices for all Passes HERE.

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Kiosk #2, Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town


+27 82 552 2904