Serving as a place of rememberance for the Jews who died in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945 when over six million were murdered.

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre lies on ‘Museum Mile’ in the centre of the city. This small museum packs a lot in with a considerable emotional punch. The history of anti-Semitism is set in a South African context with parallels drawn to the local struggle for freedom. You can also see temporary exhibitions and watch the fascinating 25-minute documentary Nelson Mandela: A Righteous Man.


The Holocaust Centre’s permanent exhibition is a series of text and photo panels, film footage, multimedia displays, archival documents and recreated environments that include a look at the ghettos of the Third Reich, death camps, rescue and liberation and include local survivors’ testimony – a 20-minute video and photo display tell the story of these survivors, who made their home in Cape Town.

The Experience:

Nazism was driven by a racist ideology and the centre brings home to all of its visitors in an incredibly visual and shocking manner the horror of mass deaths brought about because of conflict in the name of race, religion and ideology – a warning to us all.


When visiting the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre, please bring along your identification document, driver’s license or passport for security purposes.

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88 Hatfield Street, City Bowl, Cape Town, 8001


+27 21 462 5553