Groot Constantia is one of the most revered vineyards in Cape Town and can be considered the founding farm that spearheaded the renowned wine industry in South Africa that we know and love today. Visitors to the 300-year-old estate at Groot Constantia will be taken on a tour of the cellars and museum to learn about the history of the farmland and the process that goes into making Groot Constantia Grand Constance – the famous “Constantia Wyn” as drunk by Emperors and Kings, from Frederick the Great of Prussia to King Louis Phillipe of France. With the Cape Town Pass you can enjoy a 45-60 minute guided tour through our modern cellar, followed by a wine tasting* and audio visual screening.


  • Oldest wine farm in South Africa
  • Grand Constance wine renowned historically across the world and enjoyed by Emperors and Kings
  • Tasting session of multi award-winning wine
  • Tour of the cellars

Did you know:

  • Commander Simon van der Stel of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) arrived at the Cape supply station in 1679
    Van der Stel was given 891 morgen of land (763 hectares) which was to be the boom of the world-reknowed South African wine industry from then on
  • The original manor house was designed in a Dutch Renaissance style and had a pentagon the shape of the Castle of Good Hope in the centre of the floor
  • It is thought that Van der Stel named the farm after Van Goens' daughter in recognition of his help and support in obtaining the farm land
  • Another theory is that the farm was named after the VOC ship "Constantia" which was anchored in Table Bay
  • Until the day he died in 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte had 30 bottles a month shipped over to St Helena to ease his exile
  • In 1833 King Louis Philippe of France became the biggest buyer ever of Groot Constantia wine

The Experience:

Wine Tasting

Groot Constantia has produced legendary wines for over 300 years and you get the chance to taste the famous tipple, Grande Constance (which is the French translation for Groot Constantia). Great names from history have enjoyed South Africa’s most famous wine, from Frederick the Great of Prussia, King Louis Phillipe of France and Napoleon, as well as Charles Dickens.

It even passed into the fictional world when Jane Austen's character recommended it as a cure for a broken heart to heroine Marianne Dashwood in the novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and Charles Baudelaire compared Constantia wine to his lover‘s lips in his most famous volume of poems, ‘Les Fleurs du Mal.’

Grand Constance is a blend of red and white Muscat with an unbeatable beautiful liquid amber colour with hints of dried apricots, honey and caramel, and Turkish Delight and rose petal aromas. The wine has won awards and accolades throughout the centuries and continues to be one of the best in its category.

Cellar Tours

The entire Groot Constantia estate is a national heritage and fully operational farm thanks to Commander Simon van der Stel, originally from Holland, who obtained 891 morgen of land (763 hectares) in 1679. In the Netherlands van der Stel gained knowledge of wine and brandy making from his own vineyards which he used to create the success that was, and continues to be, Groot Constantia.

The estate has passed through many hands over the years but the love of wine and quality of the grapes hasn’t wavered. A visitor to the cellars will see for themselves the skill and dedication that goes into making Grand Constance and Groot Constantia.

IMPORTANT: This experience is normally R125 but is included in your SMARTPASS, see the prices for all Passes HERE.

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