A night at Gold is an immersive experience that willtake you on a 14-dish taste safari paired with traditional Mali puppets and entertainment

African food is traditionally shared and enjoyed with family and friends. Similarly, the 14-dish tasting menu served at our restaurant in Cape Town is designed to be enjoyed in a shared style. Throughout your traditional African meal you will enjoy learning about the country of origin, cooking techniques and spicing of each dish. All our Halaal-certified meat, poultry and fish dishes come with vegetarian or vegan substitutes.


Dinner at our African restaurant is accompanied by interactive entertainment. Guests at GOLD Restaurant cannot help but be swept up in the excitement of archetypal African stories told through the live entertainment with dinner. Our African entertainment includes praise singing to welcome you, Mali puppetry, and dancing to the rhythms of the marimba percussion and djembe drums. Feel the heartbeat of Africa with our pre-dinner interactive djembe drumming session.

The curated, private, one-on-one spice experience at our Cape Town restaurant explores the history of spices throughout the world, taking you on a story telling adventure through the eyes of our African staff. Venture down the spice route from Uganda to Burundi, the lakes of Tanganyika, and Zanzibar, the spice island. Smell, taste and identify spices as you listen to the stories of how an island in Indonesia is linked to Manhattan through the spice trade and European wars, while you discover a different side of Africa through its spices and the unique experiences of our staff.


Show your SMARTPASS to enjoy Free djembe drumming from 18:00 pm valued at R120. This offer is valid for up to 7-days after your Pass has expired.

Bookings are essential.

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15 Bennett Street, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005


+27 21 421 4653